The most powerful device in public conversations

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What is it? By all means, your mind but when the ideas are inside they mean nothing

What to do?

✅ communicate
✅ convey your ideas
✅ spread ideas
✅ you should "tell" your personal and unique story)
✅ present your ideas
✅ income your ideas into your own stories
✅ share with audience
✅ establish the basic definitions
✅ deliver only special information
✅ you should shape the whole story of your experience
✅ catch the wind of the following changes and provide "the mood music" for your audience
✅ be involved and involve your audience
✅ manage changes
✅  high sense of excitement while conveying and sharing the information
✅ develop the sense of repetition to connect with your audience
✅ always write your own stories
✅ you can change the opinion of your audience: just do it)