Rewrite your own life

Опубликовано apd-editor - чт, 28-03-2019 - 10:38

There are many creative people and multitasking is the part of life in the contemporary society.
It is impossible to slow down multitasking today.

How to go on producing important work every day?

 -keep changing the subject. Switch and analyze your ideas;
 -serious hobbies: move your ideas between the professional spheres;
 -constant studying and learning for your personal inspiration;

 -visualize, analyze and dwell upon the end result, always)
 -professional combinations, for example, a translator who writes novels or an interpreter who writes poems in his/her free time;

 - "wrong" answers interfere your daily "scenario": get rid of irritating thoughts;
 -keep best ideas in your mind;

 -divide your reality into pieces of good advice (your unique experience).

  Enjoy the results of the result variety)