Is it really possible to cope with anxiety?

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Sometimes, when you are going to visit your friends or go to the party you feel uneasy and anxious.

Anxiety is very common in the contemporary society. It leads to depressions and even can cause mental disorders. It is very difficult to control this worry, but it is you who can lower the anxiety level in your brain.

There are some resources which help you in daily or even extreme situations.

            6 steps to cope with anxiety

1. You should realize
the situation before taking risks When you take risks, you can do something differently.
2. Ask a question:
What am I doing wrong? I just take risks. That is why it is the time to start accepting your own ideas in the kind way.
3. Forgive yourself
All of us make mistakes from time to time. That is life. Let it go.
4. Another secret
is deep inside our hearts: we can be completely happy, when we know someone needs us.
5. One more question:
Do you do anything for people around you?
Your help is of great value. Always. 
And if you cannot help others, share. 
And first of all, share your smile.
6. You are unique,
accept it. This idea broadens your personal horizons.